Basic information

Basic information

Token name: Liquido
Ticker abbreviation: XLQ
Smallest unit: Droplet (0.0000001 XLQ)
Total supply: <100.000 XLQ
Maximum supply: 1.000.000 XLQ

Liquido (XLQ) on Stellar Explorer

Stellar network:
Token name: Liquido
Trust asset code: XLQ
Anchor domain:

A portion of Liquido (XLQ) investment portfolio is included in index trading, which represents trading with top crypto-currencies by market capitalization. Another portion is included in analytics trading, leveraging our analytics studies, while small amount remain in reserves. A value of Liquido (XLQ) is calculated by simply dividing a total portfolio worth with a number of distributed coins.

* Please note that distribution and investment rules are subject to change.