Frequent questions

 Frequently asked questions

Q: Does my new Stellar wallet requires activation?
A: Yes. To use your Stellar account, you must activate it by sending at least few Lumens (XLM) to your account. You can buy Lumens (XLM) from an exchange and send them to your Stellar address.

Q: Where do I assign a trust-line for a specific asset?
A: Trust-line is assigned in the menu “My Wallet”, by selecting “Add asset trust”. Prior to use, you have to assign a trust-line for Liquido (XLQ) asset to our Stellar issuing address: GD2RRX6BKVTORZ6RIMBLWFVUOAYOLTS2QFJQUQPXLI3PBHR3TMLQNGZX

Q: How do you determine a value of Liquido (XLQ)?
A: A value of Liquido (XLQ) asset is calculated by simply dividing a total portfolio worth with a number of distributed coins. If a total portfolio worth would be 2.500 USDT and 1.000 XLQ coins would be distributed, then 1 XLQ would be worth 2.5 USDT.

Q: How is Liquido (XLQ) investment portfolio diversified?
A: A portion of Liquido (XLQ) investment portfolio is included in index trading, which represents trading with top crypto-currencies by market capitalization. Another portion is included in analytics trading, leveraging our analytics studies, while small amount remains in reserves.